Toenail Fungus Removal North Shore

Symptoms of Nail Fungus    

Nail fungus generally has no symptoms. In some rare cases, nail fungus may cause pain, limit mobility, and interfere with manual dexterity. Diseased nail develops a yellow brown appearance with eventual crumbling and disintegration of the nail plate.

Laser treatment is your answer for quick, in-office treatments which are safe and 88% effective. This alternative to harmful prescription medication is virtually painless with no downtime. Shoes and nail polish can be worn directly after treatment.

Description of Laser Treatment

The treatment is comfortable, fast, safe and effective. It does not injure the toenail and requires no anesthesia.

Your toenails will be cleaned and filed prior to the Advanced Laser Treatment. As each toe is treated with the laser you will feel a mild, warming as the laser beam penetrates the toenail, instantly killing the fungus underneath. The laser handpiece is placed directly onto the skin or nail, a few bursts of laser light are emitted to each nail area. A laser skin thermometer is used to determine the skin temperature during the procedure to optimize the laser treatment. Three treatments are necessary and are usually performed at an interval of 1 to 2 weeks apart. Patients may resume normal activities immediately following the procedure.

How soon will I see improvement?

Toe nails grow over a 9-12 month period. Even though the fungus may have died due to the laser treatment, a healthy new nail will not be seen until 3 to 6 months post therapy. Once a nail growth cycle is completed a new healthy nail should replace an infected nail. Clinical studies reveal that more than 88% of treated patients show significant improvement.

Is this treatment safe?

Yes. In clinical studies there have been no adverse reactions, injuries, disabilities or known side effects. You will be able to walk out of the office just as well as you walked in. The treatment does not harm you in any way. 

Anti-Fungal Hygiene Kit

Dr. Eliot Sherr will discuss the importance of the Anti-Fungal Hygiene Kit for pre- and post-treatment care. This is an essential part of our treatment. By using the kit and following the kit’s instructions, patients will avoid fungal re-infection of the nails and surrounding skin before, during and after treatment.

Does my insurance pay for this?

No, insurance companies consider this a cosmetic procedure. You can use your Health Spending Account, Medical IRA or other Flexible Medical Spending Accounts for the treatment. We also accept cash, checks, credit and debit cards and we offer 0% interest financing for one year.


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