NIA 24

Niacin-Powered Skin Therapy

Nia24 Nicacin-Powered Skin Therapy

NIA 24™


For Moderate to Severe Sun Damage

Tap into skins own self-protected powers 24-hours a day with patented NIA24™ –the first skin barrier-building system. Inside, this patented MicroNutrient Delivery System brings a continuous –release form of Niacin to skin outside, skin’s barrier is restored and signs of damage are dramatically reserved, ensuring stronger, better skin that’s more resilient to sun damage.

Before and After Photos

Improvements in appearance of hyperpigmentation
and wrinkles on the chest and neck. Nia24 Before and After Photos

Regimen included 2 months use of Pro-Niacin™ alone followed by
Pro Niacin and 4% hydroquinone treatments for an additional 4 months.

Improvements in appearance of chin and jaw firmness and pigmentation
in a trial subject treated with Pro-Niacin™. nia24 before and after photos

PRO- NIA CIN™- The Molecule

Pro-Niacin™ is the patented molecule found in each of the NIA 24™ products.

With its unique micronutrient delivery system, Pro-Niacin™ penetrates the skin, delivers Niacin to the skin cells and enables healing from within to promote healthier, more beautiful looking skin.

Just as its name suggest, Pro-Niacin™ is based from Niacin, also known as Vitamin B 3 . Many are familiar with the oral form of Niacin, a water-soluble micronutrient found in a number of commonly eaten foods. As a nutritional supplement, Niacin aids in cholesterol reduction and energy metabolism, but more recently, it has emerged as a key factor in helping the skin protect and repair itself from sun damage and aging.

24 Hour Prevention, Repair, and Protection

  • NIA 24™ products are for individuals with moderate to severe sun damage.
  • NIA 24™ products contain the patented molecule, Pro-Niacin™, which has proven clinical results.
  • NIA 24™ products represent the first inside out topical Niacin-Powered skin barrier builder.
  • NIA 24™ products are:
    • Physician Recommended
    • Allergy Tested
    • Non-Comedogenic
    • Color, Fragrance, and Dye Free